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“SEX OLYMPICS” –  The Recap

Originally aired:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


When it comes to podiums, there is none more prominent than the Olympic podium.  When it comes to topics of conversation, there is none more exhilarating than the topic of Sex. On this week’s show we decided to combine the two by showcasing some of the more extreme, fascinating and down right dirty aspects of fornication and judge them,  in a show entitled “Sex Olympics”.

It was truly a busy night.  During our broadcast The DNC was on TV,  as well as the NFL season opener featuring the Dallas Cowboys beating up on the New York Giants, but we set to task and ready to talk about Ms. KiKi ‘s three favorite things… Sex, Sports and Politics.  Now judging one’s own freak meter takes a level of bluntness and honesty and that is the backbone of Playing Devil’s Advocate.  Our goal is to always expose our listeners to things they might not have known of and hopefully, when it’s all said and done we’ve made you laugh and learn a few new things.  That’s what we call Edutainment™!

We got off to an interesting start as I, Peepin Shaun introduced our audience to what a Blumpkin is.  A funny name for a not so humorous, but curious act of defilement.  None of us awarded this act many points… in fact I believe it got more deductions than anything else.  Next , we took things to the pool for a lil Aquatic Fellatio.   This event scored fairly well, to get a gold medal for this you’d have to be able to hold your breath for a very long time.

Wait did I mention there were pictures and videos to go along with these sex acts?  You’d better believe it and Sporty Spunky Angel posted a video that would put an Ostrich to shame.  I mean burying your head in the sand is one thing, but THIS!!!!  Well you’d have to see it to believe it.  We also ranked a few sexual positions, based on their difficulty and creativity.  What’s the difference between a Pile Driver and a Brute?  You’ll have to listen to the archives to find out for yourself.

Just when things were reaching the top of the first hour, it seems our heated discussion mixed with a dash of NFL and a shot of DNC updates must have overheated the stations servers, because we were hit with an unexpected blackout.  In the middle of all of this sex talk the system busted early.  Now don’t you just hate when that happens?  Unable to continue on-air, we took to the phone lines and continued as best we could with our conversation.  Rocky Miller joined in on the fun and according to him, it seems I’m now guilty of being as nasty as he thinks Sporty is.  As if there is something wrong with that.  I don’t happen to think there is.  Birds of a feather and all of that.  We were even pleasantly surprised to get visit from Sassy Angel, whose voice is always a welcomed sound.

Things may not have gone as planned, but as always we had to read this week’s Ask PDA letter.  It was nice to hear a letter that was not about how bad a relationship is, but about how our writer could entice their mate to try something new and spice up their sex life a bit. I am one that does believe there is a thin line between pleasure and pain, but just how hot does this entry intend things to get?

We really would like to thank all those that stuck with us for as long as they could, but honestly this show was just too sexy to have had it end the way it did.  As a result of the unforeseen technical issues we experienced we decided to have at it again next week and continue where we left off. I’m sure none of you will mind more sex talk would you?  Yeah I didn’t think so.  We’ll just have to take it up a notch further and see if we can hand out any gold medals  on the next show.  Yes I’m welcoming all you freaks out there to join us.

Keep sending those Tweets, Facebook Messages and emails.  We do it for you, but we couldn’t do it without you.

~Peepin’ Shaun~ 

Shaun Amin

“Peepin Shaun”

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