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“NEW YEAR–SAME CRAP!” –  The Recap

Originally aired:

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It’s 2013… you made it!  Yet another year has passed and you’re now sitting there faced with all the false promises you’ve made to yourself.  That’s right you did it…you made some resolutions. How dare you attempt to change and better yourself each and every year. By the way, how’s that been working out for you?  Can you truly expect that overnight, when you toss away the old year’s calendar that you really get a new start?  Just because the new calendar is blank doesn’t mean you get a clean slate.  Slowly but surely day by day… wait scratch that. Rapidly day after day it will begin to fill up with all the crap you failed to rid yourself  of over the last 12 months, maybe even the last 12 years!  Now I know you mean well and have perhaps even convinced yourself that this year will be your year.  All because the clock struck twelve, some glittery orb descended from upon high and the skies above showered you with a warm illumination of fireworks.  You closed your eyes and made a wish.  Perhaps you even stole a kiss, but the fact of the matter is that when you awaken from your drunken stupor you’ll look at the little list you placed neatly beside your bed and say… “SHIT I’ll start this tomorrow!” Nothing has changed. You didn’t wake up in an alternate universe or another… better you.  No your reality is very much the same and the chances of you living up to those words scrawled across that piece of paper are slim, but not entirely impossible.

This week on PLAYING DEVIL’S ADVOCATE™ -Hosted by Ms. KiKi we’re discussing the top 10 New Year’s resolutions that people commonly make and then soon fail to accomplish.  What starts off as a blueprint for new behavior over the course of the year turns in to To-Do list for the first month of January.  By mid February it becomes a list of chores you will no doubt tear up into little pieces and go on about business as usual.  Well we’re going to help you extend your chances of keeping some of those resolutions, by giving you some basic guidelines to help make the most of your good intentions.  We’re calling this show   “NEW YEAR–SAME CRAP!”.

Ms. KiKi gave us a rundown of the 10 things people most often resolve to do each new year.  Sporty Spunky Angel and Peepin Shaun Amin (that’s me) chimed in with our perspectives as to why we believe people seem to fail.  The 3 of us then explored ways in which we can better our chances of success.  So here are the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions.  How many of the them did you make?

10. Be more positive

9. Take up or restart an activity or hobby

8. Spend more time with family

7. Travel more

6. Improve work situation

5. Further education

4. Quit smoking

3. Improve health

2. Improve financial situation

1. Get fit/Work out

Great, you have the list. Now what the hell do you do with it? Before you can find solutions to some of these issues we suggested getting to the root of the problem first and working your way outward towards your goal. We gave some great advice as to how you can begin that process, but you’re going to have to listen to the archive to find out exactly what that is.  All I can tell you is that you’ll need to take baby steps and find someone to hold your hand and promise to never let go.  Good luck!

To celebrate the new year and to celebrate the accomplishments of our concoction making chat room Co-Host (Co-Ho for short), our producer, Chandra made a list of her very own. This week’s “Drink of the Week” are those voted as 2012’s Best Drinks.  See them in all their heavenly glory!

  1. Natural Disaster series (November 2012)
  2. Bomb Pop Martini 7-11-12 
  3. 4th of July FLAMING Shooter 
  4. Death in a Glass 12-5-2012 
  5. Bourbon Street Walker 10-17-12 

Honorable Mention: Spinning Piledriver 9-12-12


Keep up the great work Chandra!  Single-handedly you are making the world a better place… Seriously!

The Ask PDA letter was all about changing behavior.  A mother doesn’t seem to understand why her fourteen year old daughter feels like she is being smothered.  I mean how would you feel if you weren’t allowed to use any kitchen appliance without supervision?  Would you like it if you could never choose your own clothes?  Wouldn’t it suck if you never were allowed to have a sleepover? Wouldn’t you just love getting that call every hour on the hour from your mom when you are hanging out with a friend?  Is it socially dysfunctional to never be allowed any activity with the opposite sex?  Mom of course just thinks she’s being a good mom…a really good mom.  Somehow she doesn’t see any of this behavior as smothering.  Nope it’s all done out of love. Love, fear, paranoia and possibly even regret.  The world is a rough place. It’s best to prepare your child to understand how to deal with it and make informed choices on their own.  Mind you mistakes will be made, but that’s life.  It’s supposed to be an experience, not a lifetime daycare center.

Thanks to our callers, guest panelists and our chat room participants for making this a great show. Keep sending those Tweets, Facebook Messages and emails.  We do it for you, but we couldn’t do it without you.

Up next, we take a closer look at the world at large and talk about all the craziness that surfaces day after day.  While you’re out conquering those resolutions, the world around you seems to be spinning out of control. Join us next week  when we ask the question… “HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD??”.

~Peepin’ Shaun~ 

Shaun Amin

“Peepin Shaun”

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