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Life: K.I.S.S. –  The Recap

Originally aired:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Happy Thursday!

As I sit here and listen back to the archives from last night’s show I must say it was just as fun the first time around! 😉

We started the show talking about to to manage healthy parent/child relationships.  After Sporty Spunky Angel’s contribution of the naked pastor in a bubble bath with his granddaughter conversation, I posed a question to the panel that set up a “spat” between Peepin’ Shaun and myself! If you want to know what happened you have to listen to the archives and let us know who’s side you are on!

Next up we decided to switch gears and take it to the workplace! Since we spend a lot of time in our workplace, how do we make life more simple at work and subsequently what you take home with you. Sporty gave us a solution she used that would keep her boss in-line and let’s just say there was an admission of a crime (FYIstatute of limitations has long since expired).  How do you deal with the different workplace personalities of “the brown-noser“, the overachiever“, “slacker“, “the know-it-all” or the “drama queen/king“, etc.

…and THEN (drum roll) Facebook Shaka joined the conversation with his Top 5 people he would NEVER work for! Let’s just say, I am on the list and the reason why is ABSOLUTELY TRUE and HILARIOUS!!

We talked about breaking up…how to do it, dividing property and who gets the friends in the break up!  If you are even a semi-regular listener, you know no show would be complete without talking about infidelity, TOW & TOM; since I am an expert who LITERALLY wrote the book on the subject, I had to lay down the law!  If you want to know what came from that discussion, yup you guessed it! LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES!

As for the Drink of the Week, our producer Chandra did it yet again! To find out more about “The Kidney Shot“….listen to the archives!  This week’s “Ask PDA” had a bonus and the writer was able to get REAL TIME advice and make a decision based on our panel’s two cents!  Check out the archives and leave your comments below!

Join us next week for MY BIRTHDAY show; unfortunately I can’t tell you what’s going   to happen (and if you listened to the show, you know why).  Until then; comment on this blog, set a reminder & email us any other show ideas you would like us to discuss on a future show!!


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