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Open Conversation on RACISM–Is This a Post Racial Society? –  The Recap

Originally aired:

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013




1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

This week on PLAYING DEVIL’S ADVOCATE™ -Hosted by Ms. KiKi we decided to tackle a subject matter that is one most people are uncomfortable discussing.  It’s a subject matter that is a central foundation of these United States and every once in a while we as American citizens must take a good look at ourselves in the mirror.  Racism is this topic I speak of and of late it seems we have plenty of reason to introduce the conversation and we do enjoy having the uncomfortable conversation.  I’d like to believe that it is possible for all people to get along without being labeled or treated differently based on skin color or ethnicity.  However an argument can be made to support the fact that it seems as though society is set up to intentionally make living more difficult for certain people.  Those certain people being minorities of course.

Ms. KiKi feels that racism in today’s society is no longer something that can be blamed on the ignorant opinions of the past. Part of the reason why it continues to exist is due to the ignorant attitudes people continue to display today.  We got a good glimpse of that during the recent Presidential elections.  There is a portion of this country that resents the fact that there is a man of color in the White House.  Through social media everyone has a voice and can in fact be heard.  When those voices supported the rhetoric of hatred it became clear that racism is not reserved for the 50 and older white demographic.

The media continues to limit our imaginations when it comes to there being any diversity with the roles that are left for people of color.  Most of them are stereotypical and show the worst that any of us as people have to offer the greater good.  Upon the release of the movie “Django Unchained” a growing controversy leaped forth over the use of the word Nigger.  Some feel it was over used and over sensationalized.  Some felt that it was appropriate for the period of time in which the move takes place.  Why pretend as though it wasn’t common.  Some don’t want to be reminded of the uglier side of America and some wish to pretend it never existed. Should it make black people upset to sit in a theater with a mix of other people and hear the word over and over again?  Should it make you uncomfortable? Is it fair to say that black people really need to move past owning the right to be offended by this?  I’m not sure if anyone who hasn’t suffered a particular type of discrimination should be allowed to tell someone else to get over it. There was more discourse about the merchandising of the action figures from the movie so listen to the archives so you don’t miss it!!

Affirmative Action was discussed and I, Peepin Shaun  was asked if I felt as though being a product of the benefits of this program has made my life any easier. The scholarships afforded me as a student definitely exposed me to a side of life that has been reserved for the wealthy and connected. Still as an adult it has slightly made me wonder if those experiences haven’t somewhat given me unrealistic expectations of what it can offer.  By looking at me no one is going to see my level of education or experience.  They will see me as a man of color and form an opinion based on however they may profile me.  I then have to somehow prove to them otherwise.  Perpetually being underestimated can prove challenging.  If anything it has made me more aware of disadvantages I may be face with in the real world.  Whether it be from an employer or a police officer , sometimes one can’t help but feel like some things are just unfair.  

We also covered such topics problems with  immigration, political leaders, unfair business practices and the privatized of prisons. Joining us as he has for the last few weeks, Facebook Shaka gave us another Top 5 list.  This week it was the“Top 5 things you should never say to your black friend” .  The humor he adds to the show is a welcomed part of what we do.  You’re going to have listen to the ARCHIVES to get the full conversation. We all seem to agree that racism still exists, but it exists in a much more subtle way.

Our producer Chandramade amends for the light weight drink she made for KiKi’s birthday last week.  This week’s “Drink of the Week” is called “Rising Sun” and it’s a real treat for you Sake lovers out there.

The writer of this week’s Ask PDA letter finds themselves in love with someone who on the surface appears to be a very kind and caring person.  When around people of another ethnicities they come off as evolved and tolerant, but when among their own kind they exhibit the opinions of someone who may be racist.  They have asked them to be more sensitive to the nature of the things they say (as the writer has family members who are ethnically identified as the object of their lover’s racism), but this person sees no need to change their behavior.  Should they continue to be subjected by this way of thinking and write it off as poor humor, or should they face the fact that they just might have fallen in love with a closet racist?

Thanks to our callers, guest panelists and our chat room participants for making this a great show. Keep sending those Tweets, Facebook Messages and emails.  We do it for you, but we couldn’t do it without you.

Next week we are going to talk about the differences between being an adult and being a grown up.  There are things you can do once you reach a certain age, but there are also things you really shouldn’t be doing once you reach a certain age.     Tune in for “ADULTS vs. GROWN UPS: YOU’RE TOO OLD FOR____”

~Peepin’ Shaun~ 

Shaun Amin

“Peepin Shaun”

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