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POLITICALLY CORRECT: When Did We Get So Sensitive?!! –  The Recap

Originally aired:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Our topic on Playing Devil’s Advocate – Hosted by Ms. KiKi this week had our host, Ms. KiKi, gearing for the last couple of days.  Her posts on Twitter and Facebook leading up to yesterday’s show, definitely fired up many opinions!  But before we get into the details of it all, I wanna give a big GET WELL SOON to our fallen angel, Sporty Spunky Angel, hurry and come back…You were missed!

Now lets get into this weeks topic, Politically Correct – When Did We Get So Sensitive.

Political Correctness is defined as – The alteration of one’s voice or opinion to keep from offending an individual person or group.


Have we let this Political Correct business get out of hand?  What happened to our First Amendment Rights? As our host Ms. KiKi so eloquently put it, “You do have the freedom to speak it, but you better believe it’s going to cost you something!”   By conforming to this ever growing ban on free speech are we hindering ourselves and our future?

Our host KiKi kicked it off with how fed up she is with the whole new Pope installation grand stand and if you follow her on twitter, you already know how fed up she really is…if not, you will have listen to the archives to find out! If you have said, or believe that the “truth hurts” you may want to re-evaluate yours thoughts on that after hearing why Ms. KiKi believes it doesn’t! Her response prompted Mr. Know-It-All, Peepin’ Shaun to challenge people to examine why they choose to be politically correct in the first place.

Ms. KiKi broke down her advantages and dangers of being Politically Correct some of which include:
  1. Allows people to be diplomatic;
  2. Allow people to be sensitive to others feelings, and
  3. Undercover censorship

To hear the full breakdown; you know what you have to do…LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES!

The Regular Guy” Rocky Miller stopped by to explain how and why he misused the term, “retarded” for way too many years. (To be honest, I personally I think he still uses it “his” way.) Then the conversation turned up when the crew started analyzing terms and phrases that have changed as a result of the pressure to be Politically Correct.  One example, “Juvenile Delinquent” this term is no more; these children are now known as “At Risk Youth“. In my humble opinion, an “At Risk Youth” could be my 16 year old son behind the wheel of a car…or maybe that’s just me. 🙂 Anyway…if you want to hear the crew let loose, especially on all the issues going on in men’s pants (its way too crowded down there) LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES!

Our producer’s “Drink of the Week” reflected her attitude towards all the Left Wing Liberals pushing this Politically Correct agenda: The LEFTIE with its mostly alcohol recipe is sure turn anyone’s opinion.

Because a show like this wouldn’t be the same if Facebook Shaka didn’t stop by and drop is opinion all over the place. His Top 5 was on point and no one was spared, so listen to the archives to hear it for yourselves!

Finally, our “Ask PDA” letter was juicy and begged the question of whether being PC is the way to go!!  PLEASE voice your opinion below after listening to the archives!


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