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DEFINING SEXY!! –  The Recap

Originally aired:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Last week on Playing Devil’s Advocate – Hosted by Ms. KiKi the crew talked about Political Correctness, this week they tossed that out the window and got down to the nitty gritty DEFINING SEXY! First things first, we had to give a PSA about our fallen angel, Sporty Spunky Angel, who was B.U.I.N. (BROADCASTING UNDER THE INFLUENCE NAKED), this week! So when you listen to the archives don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now back to our regularly scheduled show, DEFINING SEXY!

Sexy an adjective is defined as being concerned predominantly or excessively with sex; sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality; excitingly appealing; glamorous.

This week’s show kicked off with the crew each giving their personal definitions of Sexy, even I got to give my two cents. Though we all had different out looks on what SEXY means to us we were all close in range with describing this complicated noun, verb that radiates from one’s inner and outer aura. One example given by our host Ms. KiKi was how she is attracted to Manergy™! What’s that you say, well listen to the archives to find out.

The chat room was full of opinions and they were all definitely involved in this week’s conversation.   The question of the difference between SEXY and sexuality was brought up and Ms. KiKi of course broke it down. Just so you know there is a difference. Though Peepin’ Shaun  tried to challenge our host with the fact that some people are not naturally sexual, KiKi burst that bubble and yes you have to LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to find out how.

Next, the crew discussed what acts are sexy to them and this brings me back to Peepin’ Shaun the voyeur who says a look or subtle touch is SEXY to him, but he lost me with this freaky thing about humping body parts! Now Sporty on the other hand I can relate to. She finds the small things SEXY, watching her man undress, after a shower with a towel on, etc.  Shaun really turned up the conversation when he revealed SALIVA, yes SALIVA is SEXY to him.

To hear how it all comes together; you know what you have to do…LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES!

Of course our producer’s “Drink of the Week” followed the theme and “SPRINGTIME SAKE” was SEXY through and through; from the name to the ingredients. This drink had our “Voice of Unreason” on a rampage, READ ON…..

Just when you think it’s safe…we were joined by Facebook Shaka fresh off his own personal SPRINGTIME SAKE, with a touch of Crown Royal I might add.  So you know the TOP 5 was INSANE! As usual, no one was safe from this list, not even Peepin’ Shaun or Sporty Spunky Angel! I don’t know if he had one to many SPRINGTIME SAKES or if he meant it, but Shaka actually agreed with Shaun on the “saliva vs. spit” issue.  Maybe I missed something, so when you LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES, comment and let me know.

Ms. KiKi brought up the science of SEXY with the symmetry test of “Golden Ratio” and she was not happy with her 8.1 out 10 score. She is such a perfectionist :-)!  Take the test and post your score if you like! Breaking down the Science of SEXY led the crew with a visit from Rocky Miller to list the people who are SEXY to them. There were many different types of people listed so, to hear the list and compare it to yours, yep that’s right LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES!

For the GRAND FINALE the “Ask PDA” letter irritated our host so much that you could almost picture the steam coming from her ears! Ms. KiKi prefaced her tirade with the obligatory “This is why I do what I do…” and then she went BALLS TO THE WALL!! So, PLEASE voice your opinion below after listening to the archives!

Join us next week and we discuss a show topic that came about during this week’s show… “Interdependence: We all play a role!


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