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IN THE NEWS!! –  The Recap

Originally aired:

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Last week on Playing Devil’s Advocate – Hosted by Ms. KiKi the crew talked about Secrets!. On this show they broke down why people keep or tell secrets, the effects and aftermath of said secrets. This week the crew decided to discuss what’s happening IN THE NEWS!  It seems once the decision was made it seems the universe said, “Well OK here you go!” and the world exploded…literally, with an abundance of NEWS! So listen to the archives to get your weekly dose of PDA’s current events.

This week’s show kicked off with one of the biggest stories of the year thus far, the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Ms. KiKi and the crew sent out condolences to all affected and injured in this tragedy.  In true PDA fashion, the question was asked… WHY? Who would do this and what was the purpose?  You won’t believe why KiKi said she would never be caught in a situation like what happened in Boston. You know you have to listen to the archives to find out why.

Next, Ms. KiKi wanted to know who sent the poison envelopes to the POTUS. I’m with her…did you really think your poison was going straight to him? Just ask Sporty Angel, the President does NOT open his own mail!  Through this story we learned that Peepin’ Shaun  is quite the conspiracy theorist (and that does not surprise me). North Korea and Kim Jong-Un’s antics was the next story and the discussion was short and sweet because who is he trying to fool? …yes you have to LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear the opinions and please voice yours with a comment.

Sports was next on the list.  Kobe and his injury sparked quite the conversation of course “Mr. Know it all” Peepin’ Shaun was all on Mr. Superhuman’s (his words) jock. Apparently he was not the only one because one of the regulars, Michael McFadden, was all on the Kobe train as well while Sporty  and KiKi were on the opposite side of that track.  I must say I am on the, “who cares about Kobe?” train.  The conversation prompted Mr. McFadden to call in which steered the conversation to Beyonce’ and Jay-Z’s travel plans in Cuba.  There were some really refreshing opinions on this decades long embargo.

Then it happened….BTR went HAYWIRE!!  However, it’s no surprise that the crew was able to hold it down through some really difficult technical issues. I don’t know if BTR was censoring the show because of all the political talk or what, but all kinds of strange things were happening.  These problems did not keep the PDA crew down.  Mr. McFadden and KiKi took advantage of the time to discuss their upcoming event: Its Ok: Men Tell All! This is a female only event hosted by Ms. KiKi in Atlanta. If you are in the area please register for FREE and be a part of the discussion with the ALL-MALE panel she has assembled.

To get all the information you need, you know you have to…LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES!

Once the producer, Chandra let BTR have a piece of her mind and corrected some of the tech issues the “Drink of the Week” was presented and the Producer out did herself this time. This week’s drink was dedicated to the Boston tragedy. The Boston Green Tea is sure to leave you not really caring about the news, good or bad. It’s mostly alcohol recipe will handle all of your woes. Gather your ingredients and let us know what you think!

Before we knew it, it was that time of the evening when we are joined by Facebook Shaka and he did not disappoint.  The Top 5 was “top notch” and almost made me forget the technical issues. Shaka went hard and nobody was left out. He let poor people, black people, Peepin’ Shaun and even KiKi have it in this Top 5!  Peepin’ Shaun shared some news and Sporty Spunky Angel threw in some stories she found, but when the Coolio news was brought up it took over with all its craziness.  Please LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVEScomment and let us know how you feel about it.

This week’s “Ask PDA” letter once again had the team on ten! Ms. KiKi let the writer know if he continues to bend over make sure to lube up!! Only Shaka would have a different opinion. So, PLEASE voice your opinion below after listening to the archives!

Join us next week when we are joined by the panel from KiKi’s upcoming event… “Its Ok: Men Tell All!


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