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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Last week was so entertaining with the MEN TELL ALL preview on Playing Devil’s Advocate – Hosted by Ms. KiKi because the regular crew was joined by a HOT HOT panel of men. If you attended the event you know I’m telling the truth!

Current events brought about this week’s topic of RIGHTS ARE RIGHTS…RIGHT? The cast broke down and mulled over athletes coming out of the closet, inappropriate catch phrases used by prominent organizations and so on! Of course this is a serious topic but, they put the PDA spin on it and edu-tained us all. Before you listen to the archives we have a PSA, one of the crew is BUI (broadcasting under the influence), we let you decide who!

The show kicked off with shout outs and thank you’s to all who helped pull together the “Men Tell All” event. Ms. KiKi  just wanted to give some love back.  This week’s topic was inspired by KiKi’s nephew who was involved in a heated debate surrounding this issue. Actually this discussion started a few shows ago, Secrets, when news was just starting about a sports figure coming out of the closet. The entire cast was pretty much on the same page when it came to prominent figures revealing their personal business. (If you listen to this show on a regular basis, you know it’s a rare moment when Peepin’ Shaun, “The Fallen Angel” Sporty Spunky Angel and Ms. KiKi totally agree.) Do you believe Jason Collin’s announcement was calculated and had nothing to do with owning his sexuality?  We could not leave out Kerry Rhodes and his “assistant”. Listen to the archives to find out how Peepin Shaun answers KiKi’s straight or gay questionnaire.

Breaking news of the death of a former Kris Kross member, Chris Kelly was announced with a heartfelt RIP…and then it was back to business.

The first and maybe largest group to fight for rights was Women back in the 1800’s.  Not to minimize any struggle but is it fair or correct to say that civil and gay rights piggy backed off the women’s rights movement? Did one movement allow the others to materialize? Would civil rights have come to fruition if the women’s movement had somehow failed? These questions and more sparked an interesting debate and opinions from the crew.  To hear the conversation; you know what you have to do…LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES!

We had some newbies returned and stir it up in the chat room again this week.   There was a plethora of opinions, as always, and it sparked excellent conversations.  One of the most engaging conversations was “a struggle is a struggle right?”  Ms. KiKi of course broke it down and pointed out that as black women these are aspects that are noticed on sight. No one knows you are gay because you walk in a room, unless you are perpetuating all known stereotypes. Can you truly call these movements/struggles the same? Don’t get me wrong all groups and more have experienced some form of persecution from society have all been excluded by the government.  LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear the very interesting debate and then comment below your opinion.

The “Drink of the Week” was inspired by the event and the folks who couldn’t hang with Chandra’s excellent bartending.  The “Lightweight Punch” was created for all those who should heed the saying “If you can’t hang with the big dogs stay you a** on the porch”. Listen up POUND PUPPIES!

Next up was the issue of segregated proms, STILL happening today in deep South Georgia. This is shocking to me that this is not being forced upon the community, but the community itself.  The school district has not sponsored the prom for many years. It is the parents passing the ignorance down from generation to generation, in my opinion. Actually one or two of the crew rationalizes this behavior or at least that’s how it sounds to me. To hear for yourself and decide LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVESthen let me know with a comment. Our “hate seat” occupant in the chat room again set the host off with their perception of the conversation. Both Shaun and KiKi went in after Sporty read the happenings in the chat room.

It’s that time of the night when the rest of our regulars call and weigh in.  Rocky Miller is not sure how to label the behavior, but he agreed that once you, as man, lie down with another man,  you are no longer a straight man! Freedom of speech was tossed around and one of the cast members had a problem with the groups that want to be recognized and respected as one thing or another, but don’t want to respect other’s right to have an opinion and comment on it.  Then, surprise surprise…cheating was mentioned and a listener asked,  “Why are women more upset if their man cheats on them with a man than with other women?”  Ms. KiKi gave it up 100% on that answer. This conversation was felt so deep that I believe I witnessed a PDA first!  The feelings were so strong that it had FB Shaka rethink his Top Five! Oh my, you have to LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear how it all turned out!

The “Ask PDA” letter this week was so JUICY it sparked a poem, a rant and great one liners.  The writer, Is He or Isn’t He?, is clearly in denial and consciously overlooked ALL the clues. True, this is only my opinion, so by all means listen to the archives and then give yours. Next week’s topic somehow involves “entertainer”, Rick Ross! FOLLOW US and find out how!


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