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ACCOUNTABILITY: Celebrity Edition –  The Recap

Originally aired:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The topic was a potentially heavy one last week when the crew discussed RIGHTS ARE RIGHTS…RIGHT?  on Playing Devil’s Advocate – Hosted by Ms. KiKi . The show explored the struggle of certain groups, the similarities, differences and comparability of said struggles.  This could have easily been a heated and heavy debate, and at times it did drift in that direction, but in true PDA form the crew kept it edu-taining. Staying true to form, this week’s topic kept in line with the debatable flow. PDA’s producer inspired this week’s “ACCOUNTABILITY – CELEBRITY EDITION“, because she cannot tolerate public figures who claim to “keep it real” or “keep it 100” and “false flag” all day long. So when you listen to the archives don’t be surprised by all the heated commentary!

Peepin’ Shaun kicked off the show with some advice for our host Ms. KiKi  who apparently started a social media riot with some pictures she posted.  Surprisingly, this is one issue “The Fallen Angel” Sporty Spunky Angel was not willing to have Ms. KiKi‘s back on! (to get the low down on it all, yep you gotta listen to the archives!) Moving on to this ACCOUNTABILITY topic, the crew was asking; are celebrities accountable for their words and actions and should they be? The part I was looking forward to the most was; “who is responsible when these idiots go off the reservation?” Listen to the archives to find out how Peepin Shaun , KiKi’s and Sporty felt about the subject.

Before we can move forward, let me begin with the definition of Role Model.

A person whose behavior, example or success is or can be emulated especially by younger people; A person who serves as a model in a particular behavioral or social role for another person to emulate.

The first question asked was, “who believes celebrities are role models?” (based solely on this definition alone) The answers and opinions were a plenty, and one might even say…shocking!  I think it may be time to break open the record books because Sporty and Shaun actually agreed on something.  Ms. KiKi’s commented at one point that as a public figure you are now public property and should behave accordingly. This made me wonder…should there be some level of responsibility on a celebrity? therefore lending credence to the old adage “to whom much is given, much is required”?  These first minutes of the show were juicy and full of opinions and on some level I believe they all had valid points.  So after you LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES please take a moment and share your opinions here!

I’m sure Ms. KiKi was not ready for the caller she took next. This call came in from the 916 area code and after having listened to his call more than 3 times, all I can take away is, you gotta love ’em. Now I ask you to please, please LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES and tell us what you think the caller from the 916 area code was saying.  Kudos, to the host for deciphering the caller’s hilarity and finding a point to his rambling.  The next question on the chopping block was who is a good role model? This question lead me to one of my own questions…what exactly is Sporty’s deal with the POTUS (President of the United States). This question and Sporty’s answer certainly fired up Mr. Know-it-All, Peepin Shaun! He felt strongly about holding celebrities on a pedestal.  Again Sporty’s question, centered around the POTUS and lead Shaun to elaborate and wonder, what is the deal?

As always the chat room was a show within itself and full of opinions on the subject.  Comments flew about celebrities like Rihanna and Chris Brown and are they role model material.  The producer, Chandra put on her philosophical hat in the chat room and laid down a thoughtful insight on the subject.  Next up was KiKi’s hit list. (hopefully it will be a new segment soon) The first victim on KiKi’s hit list was pseudo-gansta rapper,  Rick Ross. If you happen to live under a rock and didn’t know, Mr. Ross recently lost a multi-million dollar endorsement deal with Reebok for his lyrics depicting and glorifying rape. Listen to the archives for the passionate commentary then post your comment below.

I just love the producer, because her “Drink of the Week” every week is right on point.  “Stuck on Stupid” is the perfect mix of crazy and fire that will have you doing dumb crap and not giving a damn. The caller from the 916 area code is the perfect example of the DOW effects you.

Sporty and Shaun gave their two cents on Rick Ross and then it led KiKi to another so called hip hop artist Lil Wayne, who of course gives this discussion plenty of material. Mountain Dew maybe sweet like syrup, but that is not the type of Syrup he raps about. I think he may have been “sippin’ on sizzurp” when he FINALLY issued an apology it showed he believed it would be ok to say what he said because he references a lot of historical figures in his songs. Is anyone else laughing?  Sporty got so heated on the subject that she reached out and tweeted both Ross and Wayne about their recent idiotic behavior while she was live on air! LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVESto see how the tables turned and the consumers came under fire. Only KiKi and the crew could get you to swallow that pill.

Next, KiKi ran down a list of controversial lyrics from Too Live Crew to Chief Keef.  Her commentary was not just for Hip Hop artists, she blasted all types of celebrities have leaped of the deep end, namely Russell Crowe, John Mayer, Alex Baldwin! They have said some way out crap and while Ms. KiKi respects their freedom to say what they want, there is one thing she has no respect for (find out what it is!). Even Beyoncé and a former Ms. USA turned reality star made an appearance in the conversation. I was surprised to learn she was a favorite of the producer. Wow, Chandra REALLY?! Review the evidence by LISTENING TO THE ARCHIVES then let me know how you feel on the subject. Plus there are a few more on KiKi’s hit list that you have to hear, even a PLASTIC SURGEON!

This is the first time that I can remember that the “Ask PDA” letter had nothing to do with the show topic.  This week’s letter actually had a sponsor, Stuck On Stupid, and the DOW is a perfect representation of the letter’s subject. If you have to write in to a show for advice on your Half and Half issues laid out in your letter, then you need some friends. I’m Just Saying!

Set a reminder for next week’s topic… BEDROOM BOOTCAMP and don’t forget to tune in….I can’t wait!


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