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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This week’s show was ADULTS ONLY and a welcome topic, in my opinion. Last week the crew discussed Accountability – Celebrity Edition and I came away with the same “who gives a care” attitude as before when it comes to celebrities and the goofy decisions they make.  This week was a favorite topic of PDA… SEX! Playing Devil’s Advocate – Hosted by Ms. KiKi’s crew held Bedroom Bootcamp™ and the cast embarked on a mission to whip your sex life into shape. So breakout the pen and paper and listen to the archives for your sensory overload lesson!

Now every time PDA has discussed sex as a topic, mysteriously technical issues happen, but that never stops the show!  Peepin’ Shaun started this sensory episode with the sense of SIGHT.  Now Shaun has from time to time, raised my eyebrows with his likes, dislikes and opinions, but tonight he was very insightful.  It is common knowledge that men are visual creatures, but Shaun let us know how to enhance this visual to attract. Sight can be used by the ladies to our advantage and the little things count more. Sporty’s insight on this sense was quite helpful. However, the innovator, our host, KiKi had a laundry list of helpful hints for this sense. Voyeurism, lights and eye contact are some of the helpful hints touched upon.  So listen to the archives to find out which is the most important and why.

Next up was SOUND, which was the task of the resident “Fallen Angel” Sporty and I must admit I was looking forward to the suggestions on this sense. Sporty and the crew did not disappoint.  Whispering and commands are things I thought I was alone with. Now I know there is a whole world of people that get turned on by instructions. Now I am not sure about everyone else but I have always known, for me, that dirty talk is a wonderful aphrodisiac. Shaun actually found a site that helps in the art of dirty talk. KiKi put the offer out for anyone she’s copulated with to call in and share any words or phrases she has expressed during the act, because we all know she has a serious case of CRS. LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES and discover what KiKi never says during sex!

The producer never fails to deliver and the “Drink of the Week” she created definitely set the mood for the show. Sensuous by name and ingredients is the ultimate combination of sight, taste and touch. You must gather your ingredients and your lover and Listen to the Archives while sipping on Sensuous and let us know how nice the night was.

TASTE was next up to bat. This sensory information was prepared by yours truly, The Incredible Invisible Intern. The sense of taste is very interesting because taste engages the other senses as well. Taste is connected to sight and smell directly.  Everyone knows a bad smell will leave a bad taste in your mouth. Now applying taste to sex is not difficult to comprehend as the first thing most people do is kiss and kissing is an extremely important beginning to intercourse. The unknown is that taste can be used in many many ways in the bedroom.  Edible panties, fizzle and Fruit Roll Ups are but a few points touched upon. You must LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to find out what the phrase “Caring is Sharing” means in this capacity. I promise you will not be disappointed!! 😉

As always the chat room was a show within itself.  Each sense sparked various opinions and comments from repeat offenders as well as rookies. The sense of SMELL was next and was prepared by the host herself.  This sense was pleasantly edu-taining.  Scented candles, air freshener and linen spray are always a plus, but stay away from floral scents.  Surprising is the scent that men flock to the most. I guess when you think about it, the scent makes a lot of sense and yes you will have to LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to find out what it is.  Over doing it with the perfumes and body oils is not a good look so Ms. KiKi suggested you stick to the pulse points. KiKi’s most important advice on the subject of smell is something every women should do on a daily basis and it is not that hard. Listen to the archives and follow suit.

TOUCH was the final sense, but arguably the most important of the senses. As always our host did not disappoint when preparing the points to touch upon.  The human body has a myriad of choices to use instead of your hands when engaging in touch and KiKi listed plenty. I personally liked how Shaun informed all that using teeth is not a bad thing if done correctly, who knew…I DID! Actually restricting the hands and utilizing a little sensory deprivation can be a rewarding experience according to KiKi.  Playing naked games, using nails even choking and spanking are some points touched upon by Sporty and KiKi. LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVESto find out how they break it all down.  KiKi’s zones was my favorite of the “touch segment” and I have listed them below. Please comment and tell me if you know what they are…if not, LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to find out!

  • The H-spot 

  • The F-spot

  • The R-zone

  • The P-zone

Facebook Shaka finally made an appearance and dispensed some “Shaka wisdom” as only he can do.  Sporty’s new segment “Confessions of a Fallen Angel” wasn’t actually a “confession” it was more of a tutorial, but you know you have to listen to the archives to find out what she said! The “Ask PDA” submitted by “No Sex in the City” was a hot mess!  In my opinion, this writer was looking for sympathy and the lack of information given in the letter was a dead giveaway. If I had to speak on just what was given she still would not like my answer. LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES, then tell me what you think by commenting below.

Join us next week when the crew discusses the topic of Social Media Shenanigans, I can’t wait!


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