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Follow the Message NOT the Messenger! –  The Recap


Originally aired:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last week the cast of Playing Devil’s Advocate – Hosted by Ms. KiKi celebrated 4 years of Uncensored, Unscripted and Unapologetic conversation!  The 4 Year Anniversary Show was a fun celebration while looking back at KiKi, Peepin Shaun and Sporty Angel Edutaining™ us each and every week.  The first show of year five was focused on the education side of PDA and centered around questions like, “Why do people gravitate to the negative?”, “Who are the Good and Bad leaders?” and “What are the characteristics of followers and leaders?”  Follow the Message NOT the Messenger gave the listeners an in depth look into who people follow and WHY they follow them.  KiKi’s inspiration for the show involved social media and Listening to the archives is the only way to find out how.

If you know anything about KiKi, she always wants to give perspective to the listeners, so let us begin with the definition of follower:

Someone who demonstrates allegiance to a person, doctrine, cause or the like; It often has the implication of personal relationship or deep devotion to an authority or leader; firm loyalty to a party, form or person that is biased on emotion rather than loyalty

Sporty Angel and Peepin Shaun agreed that even though this was a lengthy definition, it was spot on with their opinion of followers.  KiKi amazed us at the ease at which people can be manipulated and led and gave us a simple experiment that can be performed to confirm how people will follow blindly.  After challenging us to try the experiment ourselves, KiKi focused on how/why we are drawn to negativity by defining something known as, “negativity bias” and how to combat it with the 5:1 Ratio.  Listen to the archives to find out how the 5:1 Ratio works and how it can help you to not get overwhelmed with negativity.  KiKi advised that we should always be aware of our natural reactions and the forces in our own brain that actually work against us.

Mr. Know it All (Shaun) gave an interesting insight to how the media capitalized on a single news event that propelled us to where we are today with Reality TV.  Do you remember where you were June 13, 1995  (aka the notorious Low Speed chase of OJ in the White Bronco)?  The way Shaun tied this all together makes you say, hmmm….. The relationship between media, advertisers and the public proves that the public is a gullible group being led and manipulated daily.  LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear KiKi tell the story of how a woman received a new car from as a result of her carjacking being caught on tape.

Then there was a ***BREAKING NEWS*** AMBER ALERTSporty Angel’s niece had a friend that as of showtime been missing in the Detroit Area for 6 hours.  Listen to the archives to find out how this story ended!

Social media is the perfect demonstration of negativity and society.  A person could post a positive scenario, picture or random thought and would get a few hits; now on the flip side, this same person is now upset and spewing negativity in a post, picture or random thought they will get more hits or comments than ever before.  What upset our Host most was how people will express their disapproval of a negative post or pictures by re-posting the negativity.  In doing so, look how easily you have become a follower and perpetuated the negativity.  Anybody else agree that was too easy?  KiKi believes that this is why corporations are hiring psychologists and the like to help delve into the consumers head and turn it into big dollars. Then then it happened….I, Zenikki the intern, actually opened my mic and spoke on this topic, but you have to LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES! to hear me.

The next question KiKi posed to the crew was for them to list their top three GOOD leaders and why.  The leaders were similar but the reason of selection is as different as each cast member. Everyone agreed that Martin Luther King was a great leader, but LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear the different reasons why each picked him.  All types of names were being thrown around in the chat room from President Kennedy to Jesus were named as good leaders.  The conversation then lead to the characteristics of leaders, and some were charismatic, self-confident and self-aware.  These characteristics are not what define a good leader but most are known to have personalities that draw people to them.  Ultimately a good leader should lead you to a better you.

This week’s “Drink of the Week” was a perfect fit for the show.  KiKi had the honor of naming the drink and the ingredients spark a conversation of its own.  Sit Yo Ass Down is a blend of the two most negative igniting alcohols I have ever come across.  Looking at the picture alone, you might agree it is a nice looking drink but don’t let the good looks fool ya! Listen to the Archives to hear the crew and chat room reactions!

After a drink like that, it is only fitting to ask what your top three BAD leaders are.  Mr. Know it All, Sporty Angel, and everyone in the chat room picked the Bushes. Yup! Bad ole’ George W., his father and the rest of the family by association are considered bad leaders.  A bad leader is someone who leads people and leaves them in worst shape than when they found them.  This describes some well-known bad leaders, specifically cult leaders as these people have led others to commit murder and suicide. Speaking of leaders…KiKi and I had a interesting exchange involving Master P, but you can only hear it by Listening to the Archives!

Facebook Shaka joined the show and everything goes to hell.  (he’s not called “The Resident Voice of Unreason” for nothing!)  Facebook Shaka does not believe he is a good leader, so LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES and hear something about strippers not following him home.  In my opinion, the true negativity in Facebook Shaka’s life is his broken down “Cricket phone”!  Once we were able to get Shaka connected again he blurred the line between following and stalking Peepin’ Shaun!

The “Ask PDA” letter this week was a perfect example of how someone will follow a dream, no matter how unrealistic it is.  The writer, “Unrequited Love” received a pretty much unanimous response to her letter, and hopefully she will move on from the man who has told and shown her that he could never give her what she wants and needs.  If you want to know WHY he can’t….yup, LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES!

Next week show steps up the drama a notch when “UP FOR DEBATE: Abortion, Adoption and Sperm Donation” is the topic! Make sure you tune in to hear how it turns out!


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