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UP FOR DEBATE! –  The Recap

Originally aired:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Follow the Message NOT the Messenger was the topic last week on Playing Devil’s Advocate – Hosted by Ms. KiKi and KiKi, Peepin Shaun and Sporty Angel delved into the reasons people follow other people and their beliefs or ideology.  If you were a part of the conversation you know how hot that topic got and to be honest, that was nothing compared to this week’s topic!  Yesterday PDA put Adoption, Abortion, Birth Control and Sperm/Egg Donation UP FOR DEBATE! The cast had the uncomfortable conversation about age limits on birth control, open and closed adoption and many more hot button topics in today’s society.  Get prepared for a long one this week because there was so much information discussed!

The show kicked off on the topic of birth control.  Since there are so many types of birth control on the market, can an informed sexually active individual can make an educated decision?  What type of birth control do you prefer? Listen to the archives to find out what KiKi and Sporty absolutely won’t do in the name of birth control!   Apparently not everyone, specifically the government, wants to leave it at that.  If an adult female decides, after giving birth just once that she is DONE, she may be surprised how many obstacles and roads blocks she may encounter.   I along with KiKi want to know why the government is always trying to tell women what to do with their eggs but they leave men and their Vas Deferens alone.

After being available in Europe for years, the “Morning After Pill” in recent years has been made available in the U.S. Interestingly enough, the age requirement to purchase the “Morning After Pill” in the U.S. has been eliminated and…POOF instantly became a hot topic again! Ms. KiKi broke down some very interesting statistics for the “Morning After Pill” but you have to Listen to the Archives to hear them AND Sporty’s very appropriate poem!

Sporty and KiKi shared some delightful personal testimonies involving family and birth control. Their situations brought to light for me that parents are having “The Talk” at much younger ages.  Peepin Shaun‘s response let us know that it is necessary in today’s society to have these conversations at these critical ages.  KiKi asked an insightful question concerning discovering your child’s birth control and everyone’s response is a must Listen to the archives moment. Rocky Miller joined the conversation and instantly the craziness ensued.  Rocky’s response to KiKi’s question makes me glad I am not one of his daughters! 🙂  Did you know there isn’t an age limit to buy condoms?  KiKi confessed she would be mad at herself when answering her own question and Listening to the archives is the only way to find out why.  At the same time you can hear how Peepin’ Shaun’sTalk” went with his mom!

With all the sex that had to happen for this conversation to be necessary most people would need a cold shower….instead, Ladies & Gents check out the “Drink of the Week”…. a”Cold Surprise is the one thing sure to bring the temperature down in any situation.  The Producer has done it again with this alcoholic twist on an old floating favorite! Gather your ingredients and Listen to the Archives then let the producer know what you think.

Thanks to Chandra everyone cooled off enough to move on to the next topic, Abortion.  Everyone’s answer was different surprisingly when asked “When does life begin?”.  The choices were egg & sperm, midterm pregnancy or birth.  Mr. Know it All  believes it comes down to rights with abortion.  Not surprisingly he straddled the fence with wanting some type of control on using abortion as a form of birth control.  While Rocky’s point of view was well thought out and very concise, I was surprised his cricket phone held out for the entire explanation!  KiKi disagreed with the late term abortion part of Rocky’s response; and speaking of Late Term abortions…usher in the “abortion pill”.  Sporty’s answer was straight forward and damn what anyone else thinks.  LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear KiKi  and Shaun explain why, in their opinion it’s hypocritical to believe in birth control and not abortion.

This week KiKi gave us some “special edition’s” to each topic. The first treat was a letter from “Dating a Stranger”. I am sure at this moment the guy who wrote this letter is wishing he didn’t. This gentleman is distressed by some information he overheard about his girlfriend while she was in high school.  Now the main points I focused on were ‘overheard’ and ‘high school’. In my opinion, what grown ass man is ear hustling for information and worried about what his grown woman did in high school?!?! LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear the crew’s and chat room responses!

Up next was sperm donation.  Shaun gave some amazing stats on the growth of the industry.  KiKi found some interesting facts on the disparity in payment between egg and sperm donation. This disparity is warranted in my opinion, because eggs are finite and sperm is infinite.  Did you know sperm could be extracted from men up to an hour after death? Wow!  LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to find out what demographic of people are in demand with egg and sperm donation.  So many interesting facts were given in this show, like how it is really strange which donor parent is almost never sought out by their offspring.  The next special edition was on sperm donation.  “My Brother’s Secret Keeper” was a tight situation of one sister finding out a brother’s secret on their mother’s death bed.  In my opinion go to the grave with the secret like your mom, obviously that’s how your mom wanted to deal with it, but the cast had some truly colorful responses, so Download the Archives and hear how it all went down!

Surrogacy was the next issue the cast picked apart.  Shaun started the conversation with the moral controversy and difficulty with the screening process. The issue is a double edge sword for Sporty, describing it as a gift she could never give.  The business of surrogacy sparked the conversation way passed 10. KiKi went on a rant about the ignorance of people who are against surrogacy and liken it to prostitution and yep…Listening to the Archives is the only way to hear it.  Sporty’s report on the business of surrogacy educated me to the fact that people still use the traditional method of getting pregnant with a surrogate.  Rocky finally got his ‘cricket phone’ together and was able to join the debate.  His comment led KiKi to the issue of open and closed adoption.  Sporty’s report again revealed that open and closed are not the only two options.  There can be a middle ground where the door is slightly ajar! Listening to the Archives is a must in order to hear the cast debate this subject.

The final “Ask PDA” letter of the night was about adoption. The author, “Mind Yo Business” explains a situation of a Mother-in-Law over stepping her bounds. This letter was so intense that it had Rocky spewing expletives, Sporty firing off poems and Shaun ranting.  KiKi’s rant was focused on getting the point of the author across and how she needs to put the burden back on the husband. The last ten minutes of the show was intense to say the least…but you will have to check out the archives to hear what I mean!

Make sure you join us for the topic the cast will be tackling next week… Marijuana Legalization!


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