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LEGALIZE MARIJUANA: It’s about time! –  The Recap

Originally aired:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last week Playing Devil’s Advocate – Hosted by Ms. KiKi tackled the serious subject of Abortion, Adoption and Sperm/Egg donation, and of course KiKi, Peepin Shaun and Sporty Angel handled this explosive subject with the usual PDA flair. This week kicked off with a celebration shout to the Chicago Blackhawks who brought the Stanley Cup home to the Windy City! Also I gotta give the host her propers because she held it down this week while feeling really yucky and she didn’t even do it BUI (Broadcasting Under the Influence).  KiKi called it a SCRUGGLE and Listening to the archives  is the only way to find out what the heck that is.

This week’s show was actually suggested by the producer who, according to KiKi has been “on one” since year five of PDA began.  Legalize Marijuana: It’s About Time was the topic and the Producer’s stance on the subject really surprised me and that was the only surprise of the night for me.  KiKi kicked of the show with one of her confession questions.  Now Sporty and Shaun’s answers did not surprise but the stories they told while answering the question were most entertaining!  Ms. KiKi actually told her business when she answered her own questioned and you have to Listen to the Archives to hear all the juicy goodness!

After listening to Sporty’s and Shaun’s long winded answers to the first two questions of the night, I was starting to think they took a few hits before the show. They went from two chapter stories to one word answers, HILARIOUS.  The thing that truly had me confused was that everyone who advocated for Marijuana stuttered when asked “Do you smoke?”.  Caller one, whom I’ll call, “sexy voice” was no different.  “Sexy voice” eloquently argued why the war on drugs is imaginary, but was stumped when asked if he smoked.  Most people are for the legalization of Marijuana in some fashion because it’s hard to ignore the ways it could boost our economy. Sporty’s “Lisa Ling type”, exposé with “Street Level Pharmaceutical Representatives” covered the spectrum from end to end so, “The Adventures of Juan and Martin” is my “must hear” moment of the week.  Listen to the archives, then comment and tell me what you think!

Rocky Miller joined the conversation in true “cricket phone” fashion.  Rocky’s first experience was heavenly and his reason for legalization is my quote of the night.  I am telling you, if you missed this week’s show Listening in the archives is a must.  One of my most memorable experiences with Mary Jane is quite similar to one of  KiKi’s:

See what had happened was…..I was involved in a session with a few of the starting lineup from the Tech school near my HBCU and I got to a point where I just knew all my teeth were rattling. I got everyone’s attention I shook my head from side to side, vigorously and asked “Did y’all hear that?” What I remember most is the entire room laughing at for what seemed like next few hours and no one being concerned my teeth were rattling.  Anyway, listening to the Archives is the only way to connect my story to KiKi’s.

Mr. Know it All was the Expert Weedologist of the panel.  Shaun seriously broke down the reasons that keep Marijuana’s image on the dark side.  Rocky and Shaun gave facts that, in their opinion, purposely kept it out of the mainstream.  The educational information about how Alcohol and Cigarettes are more harmful, but very legal had the chat room buzzing.  If you miss the live show you miss the chat room show which always stands alone.  Rocky shared an interesting story about a company in Colorado that makes elixirs with THC.  I was totally confused when he explained all you have to go through to purchase some. Please LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES  and tell me how I can get my hands on it.

Speaking of elixirs… the Producer’s “Drink of the Week” as always is a perfect fit for the show and we were all surprised she pulled it off.  In the previous production meeting the Producer was thoroughly perplexed and not very happy about the task at hand but she rose to the challenge! Simply named “420 the DOW is a must try. Now go Listen to the Archives gather your ingredients whip you up a batch and comment on the results.

After Rocky’s round and round explanation on how to obtain Colorado’s elixirs, KiKi explained how this is a perfect example of the difference between legalization and decrimalization. I am willing to bet many people aren’t aware of the distinction.  Shaun once again put on his Weedologist hat and broke down the other uses of the Hemp plant.  These uses are the main reason the government keeps this plant on the dark side.  This brings us to some research I did for the show.  I was astonished at the sheer number of items that can be made from the Hemp plant. LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES! some of the reasons Hemp is kept on the negative list.

Greed and control are two of the reasons Marijuana is characterized as negative in this country.  KiKi’s breakdown of why it is so crazy to keep regulation out of the loop was quite thought provoking.  I agree, wouldn’t the greedy control freaks make more money controlling and regulating Marijuana too?  Rocky seems to think this country would encounter cultivation issues with Hemp and the more southern countries could produce a better quality product.  LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear KiKi tell a story about a grandma that negates that entire thought process.

Sporty gave us some statistics from overseas.  In my opinion, Austria and Amsterdam has the ideas, hands down!  From cafes to personal social clubs, legalization seems to work.  Surprisingly the youth consumption was about the same as in the States.  The crime associated with the sale and purchase of illegal substances was way down in these countries.  KiKi shared a few more stories and for her to not be a smoker she certainly has quite a few interesting stories involving Marijuana. Listening to the Archives and voice your opinion by commenting.

The conversation went again to the Marijuana versus Alcohol debate.  Shaun described a pretty interesting study on the effects of Marijuana and driving.  While KiKi went on a tangent about the differences in the effects of Alcohol v. Marijuana, the most amazing thing happened! The producer SPOKE! You know you should LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES if it’s only to find out what she said!

The “Ask PDA” letter was brought to you by 420, click the link, experience it and comment.  “Married to Mr. PotHead” was juicy with unrealistic expectations of a wife on her very grown husband.   Shaun believes some hater-ration is going on.  Sporty’s needs the writer to get a life, leave him or leave him alone.  KiKi warned the caller that Marijuana many not be the main issue. Listen to the Archives and leave your comments.

Next week’s show is going to be a good one! This is the chance for the cast to discuss whatever YOU want!! Email them your ideas and tune in for Open Forum Wednesday next week!


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