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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Last week the crew on Playing Devil’s Advocate – Hosted by Ms. KiKi picked apart Marijuana Prohibition.  That show was eye opening and informative and this week Ms. KiKi, Peepin Shaun and Sporty Spunky Angel decided to let the listeners take over with Open Forum Wednesday. If you did not tune in live you missed an explosive show!  The show was a perfect pre-holiday show and before I get into the off the wall show, let me say Happy Independence, 4th of July to all!  I wish everyone a safe holiday.  The assignment this week is Listen to the archives! This is the only way to experience one truly explosive show.

Shaun’s topic kicked off the show this week with the civil unrest happening in Egypt currently.  The President has gotten a little too big for his britches and the people (his own military) have to let him know who is really in charge.  Egypt’s unrest led to KiKi on her soap box talking about the “Big Bully” aka USA.  Nelson Mandela was the next subject and KiKi updated us on his condition. The news about exhuming graves and Mr. Mandela’s grandson was a little strange; so you can see why I say Listening to the Archives is a must this week!

Voter’s rights was next on the list.  Again KiKi is screaming BULLY and USA in the same sentence.    Our first caller of the night admitted he took his rights for granted, but is not necessarily sure each state having carte blanche is a bad thing.  According to KiKi this is a scary thing and people need to be sure to read the fine print.  Up until this point all was normal PDA excitement then right about this time the chat room exploded with guests and the phone lines filled up with callers.  What happened next at first was confusing and almost went over my head.  At first I wasn’t really sure I wanted to comment about what some (insert expletives) tried to pull in the chat room and on air but leave it to KiKi, she was so quick with the eject button that the situation almost became funny.  Another example of why Listening to the archives is a requirement.

It really amazes me how prevalent the subject of racism is today in the world.  KiKi talked about how cast members of the reality show Big Brother are losing jobs and endorsement contracts for using racial slurs.   Once again reminding us all that “Freedom of Speech” is NOT free!  Yes, you can speak your mind, but there will be a cost afterwards.  These cast members; in my opinion need to be removed from the show, because they can’t be too smart.  You are on a reality show, EVERYTHING you do is being taped!  Listen to the archives to hear the full report, Shaun’s comments and Sporty’s poem on the subject.

After all the shenanigans and racial talk, Sporty and I both were quite thirsty.  So they had to bring on the “Drink of the Week”! Once again the Producer did not disappoint. This shot simply named The 4th Shot is a layered blend of colorful spirits.  Gather your ingredients, make a batch and fill your shot glass again and again with this wonderful holiday treat.  Listen to the Archives while you spark the grill and knock back a few of The 4th Shot!

The DOW led to the next topic of teens breaking down hand sanitizer and alcohol and huffing it.  Now in my day people found many different ways of getting high, but dang.  I am with KiKi, if these children just used their powers for good we probably would be way more advanced as a society.  If you have never participated  in the chat room, you have to know that it is a show with in its self and someone asked “What would America be without slavery”?  My thoughts….There would be no America!  Slaves built this country for free.   Slaves and their descendants are the reason America is what it is and it is time we give our people the recognition that is due.  I just had to get that off my chest.  See you have to LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to get the full PDA affect.

The “New Witness Protection Program” was next up on the chopping block.  LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES! to find out why KiKi calls it that.  Aaron Hernandez and his alleged murder plot had KiKi asking “Where was Mr. Hernandez’s crew when he was being arrested”.  I agree there is a need for a legal team, a publicist and a life coach and in which case I can submit my resume!  What is really going on with these athletes?  Aaron Hernandez is not the only athlete losing his mind these days, but Shaun gave a pretty good argument as to what may be the underlying cause of all this violence and pro athletes. I still think it’s a cop out.  There are consequences to your actions and please remember “To whom much is given, much is required”!

When you talk crime and punishment these days the George Zimmerman trial has to be part of the conversation. KiKi had a lot to get off her chest on this subject.  The prosecution is not her friend and she had some well thought out critiques on the job (not) done thus far.  The all-around consensus of the crew was that they  wouldn’t be surprised if Zimmerman walked away scott free.  Hypocrisy plays a large part in the trial for KiKi.  Even technology is being used in this trial, because they are using Skype to interview witnesses.  Now this is something new to me and apparently not well thought out for the prosecution.  LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to the updates on the trial if you haven’t been following.

Next KiKi wanted the crew’s feedback on a post she came across on Facebook.  In this post a women is complaining about her man who disgusts her, but she is financially dependent on him.  She wants to know is she wrong for hanging around for the fringe benefits?  Sporty instantly jumps in with heartfelt advice.  Shaun thinks she is a phony and KiKi didn’t care if it was true or not.  You get what you ask for on PDA! I’ve told you plenty of times that Listening to the Archives is a must because somehow…I don’t know how, but the subject somehow turned to waxing men balls!

The “Ask PDA” letter this week is brought to you by The 4th Shot.  I must give my two cents to “Leave Something to the Imagination”.  As the expression goes you can’t change a hoe into a house wife.  Now I am not calling his women a hoe, I am telling him she was that way when he met her so why do you have a problem now?  Shaun was on my team with this letter.  Sporty was inspired to poetry and KiKi basically said get a life.  You know what I’m going to say next; Listen to the Archives then leave your comment.

Eventually the show always rolls around to SEX; and after talking about erotic manscaping, KiKi once again roped Sporty into going on another “undercover” mission!  You MUST join us next week to hear Sporty’s report on her “mission” as we discuss, Adult Sex Games!


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