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ZIMMERMAN TRIAL: Verdict Reactions –  The Recap

Originally aired        

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

 Last week on Playing Devil’s Advocate hosted by Ms. KiKi the crew put another spin on their favorite topic.  KiKi, Sporty and Shaun explored ADULT SEX GAMES in true PDA fashion.  Before we get into this week’s show I must give a huge SHOUT OUT to Ms. Sporty Spunky Angel.  I know you were handling “Birthday” business, but just know you were missed.  Now on to this week’s topic, I guess KiKi would have felt remiss in the wake of the Zimmerman trial and verdict if she did not give some time to this topic.  After the verdict KiKi took a vow of silence until the show, so this week’s show, “Zimmerman Trial: Verdict Reactions” is not to be missed.  So, please LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to get your full dose of Edutainment™.

In Sporty’s absence our Legal Eagle Ikiesha Al-Shabazz joined in and of course our resident “Mr. Know-It-All“; Peepin Shaun was there to round out the panel.  Trayvon Benjamin Martin went to the store and never made it home.  This young man is dead and we know who did it, but no one is being held accountable.  Now this is a real issue for Ms. KiKi and from the outset she asked Attorney Al-Shabazz to define Second Degree Murder.

Second Degree Murder requires the intent. Intent means the act you did, you intended the outcome.

Listen to the Archives to hear how manslaughter differs but plays a part in the charges.  Now I did not follow the trial closely which is why I didn’t comment, post or tweet during it.  What I learned from the show is that the defense did not even invoke the “Stand Your Ground Law“.  In Florida if used, it is very possible the case would have never made it to a jury trial…. WOW! I love when I get educated! Shaun pointed out comparisons of other cases where Stand Your Ground may play a part, pushed the phrase into common terminology.  These comparisons themselves are what piss KiKi off because each situation is different and each person involved is different.

According to KiKi, the State had their thumbs up their asses during the trial.  Ikiesha, a former prosecutor, says the prosecution did not have a plan from the start and that set a very bad tone.  Apparently they also dropped the ball on prepping witnesses, presenting evidence and objecting to the defense.  KiKi, who proclaims to have been a lawyer in past life, thinks the prosecution could have just told a story to get their point across.  Honestly, I too think KiKi could have done a better job. Listen to the Archives to hear KiKi’s renditions of that fateful night and share your comments below.

At one point KiKi asked the Expert, “Why didn’t the prosecution go for the lesser charge of Manslaughter”?  Ikiesha informed us that it is standard for Prosecutors to overcharge and hope for the lesser if the trial is not going their way.  Subsequently, she informed us that the motion to ask that the case be dropped is standard for Defense.  The best question of this segment to me was, “Why was the victim put on trial for his own murder?”.  Again Ikiesha’s legal answer makes a lot of sense, but makes me raise an eyebrow.    Listen to the Archives and hear KiKi’s scenario of how the night could have gone very different for both Trayvon and Zimmerman.  Was Zimmerman truly in fear of his life, seriously concerned with neighborhood safety or a tragedy waiting to happen?

Ikiesha believes the prosecution left a lot on the table and that all of Zimmerman’s lies and changed stories were not put under the microscope.  KiKi got a little fired up replaying Zimmerman’s story about reaching for his phone, after previously calling the police. Shaun asked a good question about why the Jury is prohibited from using emotion but the attorneys always play on them.  Ikiesha’s answer is something you need to hear, so Listen to the Archives and then comment.  I have never served jury duty and after reading the full instructions that this jury was bound by, I don’t want to.  Is being unbiased doable?

All of the craziness left such a bad taste in the Producers mouth; she actually opened her mic and expressed herself.  Chandra feels that a Drink of the Week would be in poor taste.  SAY WHAT NOW?  I understand where she was coming from, but no DOW??  According to Chandra, “There is nothing to celebrate”.  I say, what happened to “Pour a little out for those who are not here!” The producer suggested that all those who want to partake, take a shot of Rumplemintz.  Gotta, Listen to the Archives to hear how she describes the taste.

Before they moved on to the defense, KiKi gave much respect to the Judge.  Ikiesha and KiKi both commended how she had total control over court room.  Shaun believed she didn’t have much to control.  Both Ikiesha and KiKi countered that thought with a plethora of examples of how this Women in a court room of Men was tried and tested and came out on top.  Listen to the Archives to hear why the judge walked out in the middle of a defense argument.

KiKi asked Ikiesha how she felt the defense performed.  (KiKi described the defense team as a Media Whore and a Crotchety Old Man)  Sounds entertaining to me! So Ikiesha explained that even though the jury is instructed to leave emotion out, how they feel about the Defense can directly effect their client.  When you Listen to the Archives you will hear Ikiesha’s breakdown to a listener’s questions about Zimmerman’s “future”.

Now on to the Jury…Ikiesha explained why the phrase “jury of your peers” is an misnomer.  Zimmerman and his jury were made up of 6 women.  These jurors were described as 5 white women and 1 Black or Hispanic women.  This lone woman of color is apparently very young and a mother of 8.  Again I say…WHAT??! Now I am not saying this makes her a bad juror, I am saying 20s and 8 DAMN!  KiKi joked by saying apparently she has been pregnant sense puberty, and I agree.  Her ethnicity doesn’t really matter as an all women jury is not THIS defendant’s peers.  The very makeup of the jury brings back the emotion issue.  Although two of the alternates were male, the alternates were let go so fast and I wondered were they  even necessary?  Again the Legal Beast Ikiesha educated us about standard practice of jury selection.  This show is a must hear firsthand, so click the link and Listen to the Archives.

Tonight’s blog does not even scratch the surface of the information that was exchanged so you undoubtedly have to Listen to the Archives to get it all.  Instead of an ask PDA letter KiKi let Rocky Miller’s Facebook video question serve as the letter.  Rocky asked “As the father of a 17 and 19 year old sons, what do I tell them in the wake of this Trayvon Martin trial”?   Ooh Wee that set KiKi off.  Ikiesha has a 17 year old son and you must LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to find out what she as a mother who happens to be an attorney teaches him.  Racism has not gone anywhere but have we as people have gotten lazy on giving the next generation the tools needed to survive?  The quote of the night in my opinion came from KiKi; “What good are your rights if you are dead”?  LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear what Ikiesha says is the most important question your child should ask an officer and so much more.

Join the crew next week as they tackle “BLACK GIRLS: The “Ugly” Truth“…if the production meeting is an indicator…this will be a very personal and emotionally charged discussion!


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