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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Last week on Playing Devil’s Advocate hosted by Ms. KiKi and the crew tested your moral compass by asking WOULD YOU EVER?  This week KiKi, Sporty and Shaun explored the world of ONLINE DATING.  Personally I don’t understand the phenomenon of becoming attached to people you have never laid eyes on, but I digress.  Big Shout Out to the producer who is on vacation, you were truly missed.  So sit back relax and LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to get your full dose of Edutainment™.

Looks like before the show even began we had some repeat offenders, Wesley and Donald, battling over the title of “Repeat Offender of the Year”, but I missed all the action.  I will return next week to chop it up, so look for me, Holla!  Well Ms. KiKi kicked the show off with a simple question…“Have you ever dated Online”?  Shaun, of course gave one of his long, drawn out explanations the really didn’t answer the question, but apparently he and KiKi have that in common, while Sporty came with her answer…short and sweet.   I personally have tried online dating and it did not turn out well, but you will have to LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear KiKi’s nightmare dating story.

KiKi’s next question was, “Is it really dating if you are ONLINE”?  Again Shaun’s exceptionally long answer didn’t really answer the question, but he would argue semantics.  As for me, I believe there has to be some face-to-face interaction or some type of live action dealings.  Next up KiKi gave the top 10 lies told on online profiles. Most were the same thing that people lie about in person.  The one that surprised me most was about women dumbing down their intellect.  Most relationship conversations I’ve had most men do want an intellectual women, but did I miss the part that these women could not be smarter than them.  To hear all 10 lies please Listen to the Archives and comment to let me know if you are as surprised by number one as I was.

KiKi was acting like bad kid because the producer was on vacation, so she brought a caller on without screening them!  Lucky for her it turned out well! 😉  The caller, Garfield, told his online dating nightmare in such a way that had us all in stitches.  You know what you have to do to hear his hilarious experience, Listen to the Archives.  What Garfield did re-affirm for me was that men are visual creatures, and that reason alone is why I don’t understand how guys get caught up with phony’s online profiles.  Since the producer was on vacation there wasn’t a Drink of the Week, so KiKi decided to take on a few extra “Ask PDA” letters.

The first letter by “What’s the Deal” is a very straight forward letter.  Personally I don’t think she needed to be told, but if you just need to hear it hear it goes; HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!  Even the caller, Garfield agreed and left with a special piece of advice and the comment sent KiKi on a tangent about men.  Basically, the rule about misrepresentation can go both ways.  Shaun described the different sites that cater to different niches and this lead to KiKi describing her experience on the Plenty of Fish dating site.  LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear Sporty’s breaking news of her new undercover assignment.

The next un-screened caller was a welcomed surprise from a repeat offender in the chat room.  Dino called in to show some love and give his take on the topic of online dating.  Shaun picked up his volley and ran with it.  In my opinion, his statistics really put a dark cloud on the outlook of marriage.  Shaun’s statistics did not even reference marriage in terms of years, and that alone is scary.  KiKi gave a heartwarming story of a couple whose relationship started online and has weathered the storms.  Listen to the Archives to find out who are online searching the most, men or women and KiKis view on it made perfect sense to me.

The next few statistics about online affairs that KiKi laid out were quite scary, but definitely validate my suspicions about men and spending time online.  The fact that men don’t consider an online relationship cheating is B.S., but then again, men don’t consider a lot of things cheating.  Shaun’s statistic on how many people are registered on dating sites, showed there are quite a few people, not just nationally, but internationally only interacting online.   Listen to the Archives to hear the actual numbers and comment below to let me how it makes you feel.

Next up was the subject of Catfish in terms of online dating.  Sporty explained that “Catfish” is when someone deliberately deceives you online.  This phenomenon really fired Sporty up, because she cannot understand how people get sucked in and fooled.  I totally agree because at some point and time you have to give up the goods.  I say that to say, at some point we have to come out of virtual reality to reality reality.  This led to the next “Ask PDA” letter of the night.  “Not Quite a Catfish” is just asking for trouble.  The relationship started with a lie and that has doomed written all over it.  Listen to the Archives to hear everyone’s answer to the writer and then leave your own advice below.

Then it happened, Shaun dug the biggest hole for himself.  He made a comment about a women’s body after she has had children and was asked to elaborate,  I was screaming “DON’T DO IT BRUH!”…but obviously he did not hear me because he kept going on and on trying to explain, let’s just say it was an EPIC FAIL!  Listen to the Archives to hear Shaun’s down fall.  In spite of Shaun walking right into the trap, KiKi managed to give a good tip about how women can keep the va-jay-jay tight without spending thousands on vaginal rejuvenation.

I must have stepped away from my phone for a moment, because when I came back KiKi was on her soap box about women claiming no one approaching them.  Shaun must have been responsible for setting off that tirade because when he chimed in about her not understanding it only set her off more.  After the debate or whatever that was, KiKi broke down the top signs to look for when you believe you are being Catfished.   What amazes me is that people actually do some of these things!  I live in the same house with my man and he will NEVER get access to my usernames and passwords…PERIOD! END OF STORY!!!

LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear about KiKi‘s televised Blind Date and the twist to Sporty’s soon to be legendary assignment! Then tune in next week as KiKi and the crew will be discussing Conspiracy Theories.


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