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Conspiracy Theories! –  The Recap

Originally aired        

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ONLINE DATING was the topic last week on Playing Devil’s Advocate hosted by Ms. KiKi.  The crew delved so far into the world of cyber dating that they came out the other side with an excellent idea.  LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES  to get the juicy details on Sporty Angel’s next adventure.  This week KiKi, Sporty and Shaun discussed one of my new favorite topics and before this show I was definitely a novice where conspiracy theories were concerned.  I enjoyed the classics like the JFK assassination and Area 51 but in light of Wednesday’s information I am now what some would call, “conspiracy theorist #1”.

You know Ms. KiKi likes to inform people and arm them with knowledge, so you know she kicked off this week’s discussion with the definition of Conspiracy:

A Conspiracy is the act of conspiring; an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated insecret by two or more persons; plot; a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose

The legal definition is an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.

KiKi’s first big conspiracy was that BlogTalkRadio.com is out to destroy her plans for world domination.  Shaun had an issue with the government putting fluoride in our water.  Now both of these theories have some meat in my opinion.  I agree that it is really suspicious that BTR always has issues during PDA’s time slot and the fact that KiKi knows quite a few BTR hosts that don’t have the same problems, makes it even more suspect.  Shaun made me want to dig a well in back yard after hearing the effects of prolonged consumption of fluoride.  (You have to LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear what KiKi calls her loyal followers.)

Wednesday night brought a welcomed treat as the crew was joined by PDA’s resident legal expert, Ms. Ikiesha Al-Shabazz, Esq.  Ms. Shabazz is a true believer and was ready for this topic. Sporty’s conspiracy steered the conversation toward the Government and you know the show was “turned up” from there.  MK Ultra was Sporty’s first topic and it is really scary how the government chooses certain citizens to use as “guinea pigs”.  KiKi made an excellent point about why the government chooses certain test subjects.  Listen to the Archives to hear about KiKi’s experience working for Big Pharma.

Ikiesha had all my light bulbs lighting up when she discussed her conspiracy thoughts about heart machines and the U.S. government controlling the weather patterns.  It might sound out in left field, but think about all the strange weather patterns going on today.  I’m just saying it has been raining all summer in Georgia and last year we were pretty much in a drought.  KiKi jumped right on the bandwagon talking about the freakishly tall Asian’s that are being “produced” now-a-days.  Sporty was right in the mix with the curiously long lives of Hawaiians and how Spam maybe connected.   Listen to the Archives to hear KiKi rant about the government charging for natural resources…I so agree with KiKi because WATER SHOULD BE FREE!

After the water tirade KiKi went directly into what is being dumped into the water.  This is when my buttons started firing.  I truly believe that the rise in certain things like Autism come directly from the government “slipping us a mickey”.  Ikiesha is so fed up with government tampering that she will no longer donate to or participate in any cancer walks or fundraisers.  All of this made me wonder…”Is the government really trying to cure cancer?”  Think about it, if they cured cancer a lot of people would be out of a job and billions of donated dollars would disappear, right?

Since the Producer was still on vacation, there wasn’t a Drink of the Week, but you will have to LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear Sporty’s update on her current “Special Assignment”…Oh WAIT!! I can’t forget, Sporty had a stalker!! Yep and they made an appearance on the show via text message and let’s just say things didn’t work out quite how he thought they would.  It’s not as fun when the subject of your stalking turns the tables on you!! 😛  To find out how Sporty got her revenge you MUST LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES! Click HERE for a hint!

The conspiracy of HIV and how it is thought to be a man-made virus that was supposed to be used for population control that subsequently got out of control, was discussed at length.  On this subject Ikiesha wouldn’t put anything past our government, Shaun says there wasn’t a monkey in Africa and Sporty blessed us with a poem.  I am in agreement with the panel because there are clues that somebody has the antidote…need a clue?  (Magic Johnson).  Listen to the Archives to hear Dino, a repeat offender, call in from a clothing optional club.

The next caller was a definite treat; former PDA co-host & actor, Timon Kyle Durrett, who apparently is a HUGE conspiracy theorist, dropped about 50 conspiracies in about 2 minutes.  He talked about the broken systems around the world, the American Stone Hinge that is connected to alien visitors who wants to do reduce the WORLD population by 90%,  the Illuminati and 911. (and those are only some of the bombs that he dropped before had to leave.  As quick as he was there he was gone and he left a trail of knowledge that would take weeks to absorb.  After the visit from Tree, KiKi told us why she believe the POTUS age so fast while in office and yep, you have to Listen to the Archives to hear why.

Ikiesha brought a great issue of social conditioning and the movies.  I never thought about all the recent movies about bringing down the White House and repeated attempts on the President’s life.  I don’t care how many movies you make about it, I will not be ready for someone to attack my POTUS.  Ikiesha then brought up the government and its installation of military in other countries, particularly the Middle East and Africa.  The government is moving military in specific spots in a plot to take over the world to exploit natural resources and power.  Listen to the Archives to hear KiKi’s version of the world when she finally dominates.

Vaccinations were next up on the chopping block.  KiKi spoke of the doctor that was discredited when he exposed the connection to Autism and vaccinations.  I love Ikiesha’s view of this generation of “Indigo children” vibrating on a different frequency.  I agree that nothing is really wrong with these kids, because every generation it something different to sell the new drug or give a name to the same behavior that has been going on for generations.  Shaun was right on point with his conclusion that these children are coddled and deprived and we are robbing them of growing free.  Listen to the Archives to hear why Shaun and KiKi will never have a flu vaccination.

Next Shaun brought up the subject of the NSA and government spying.  Even though it is unconstitutional, the government in conjunction with several corporations are collecting all of our information.  With the introduction of the World Wide Web they now have access to every aspect of our lives.  KiKi was concerned with what they plan to do with our information…then BOOM! Out of nowhere she went on another rant about the “Big Bad USA” being a bully & how we should stop messing with everyone else and worry about our own front yard we would all be better.  LISTENING TO THE ARCHIVES is the only way to hear her poignantly passionate tirade!

As a change of pace, KiKi presented the “Ask PDA” letter and this week it had absolutely nothing to do with the show!  “Desperately Seeking Sex” in my opinion, is not only confused but she is misguided.  She claims to have a ferocious sexual appetite but only want sex two to three times a month!!  (I want it every day sometimes twice a day so does this make me a super freak?)  If your husband can’t keep up with 2-3 times a month, both of ya’ll need some couch times.  My advice is to contact Ms. KiKi, the life coach and let her help you two out! LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear everyone else’s advice.

Next week KiKi and the crew will discuss Stalkers.  This show topic was inspired by Sporty Angel’s stalker…make sure you tell a friend and join us!


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