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NOW & THEN: What Happened to Women? – The Recap

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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Last week I may have been missing in action, but Playing Devil’s Advocate hosted by Ms. KiKi and the crew was in full effect with a discussion on “Holly Rolling Hypocrites”!  That show was on point and full of all the edutainment you are used to with PDA, so take a moment to LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES of this or any previous show! This week Ms. KiKi and the crew were back on the women with a great show; “NOW & THEN: What Happened to Women?”

Ms. KiKi kicked off the show with a congratulatory shout out to the family of the late great Bernie Mac for the recognition given to them by the State of Illinois.  The state has honored the Mac Man with a honorary license plate.  After having that congratulatory moment, KiKi was reminded of how when she used to be a backup dancer for Mr. Mac, he would tell the ladies “Put a little C.L. on your A.S.S.”.  Which is perfect for this week’s topic because I would like to know, where has the CLASS, MODESTY or FEMININITY gone in our society?  When this question was posed to the crew, Shaun believed that may be some see it as progress and Sporty just thinks laziness has gotten out of hand.  Whatever the view, something has got to give, because women these days just don’t seem to give a damn, in my opinion.

Our host, Ms. KiKi asked the panel if they believed the image of women today was a gradual process or all of a sudden.  Sporty said she believes that the process was a gradual one and possibly the ideals of Women’s Liberation gone astray.  Shaun also believed it was gradual, and the integration of the television had a lot to with the process.  KiKi’s opinion was a combination of both.   Her beliefs about women not being equal to men and the Women’s Liberation main focus going too far was the catalyst.  I would have to agree with all of the crew.  Women trying to be equal to men and attain something that probably could never be, is ground zero for women’s self-destruction.  Listen to the Archives to hear why KiKi believes women could never be equal to men.

It was the 1980’s where a noticeable change occurred in Ms. KiKi’s eyes.  She also reminded me of the time when we were young children playing outside how the entire neighborhood was on watch.  I don’t know about your neighborhood but I barely even know my neighbors!  It was also noted that when women began to leave the home to work, the family nucleus began to breakdown.  Some other issues that perpetuate the situation that women now find themselves in are babies having babies and the lack of male presence.  Back in the day if you were in the streets cutting up not just women, but men would pull your coat tail.  Listen to the Archives to guess KiKi’s age by the lingo she used in this segment and put your guess below.

To elaborate on the male figure missing in the home, I would have to agree with KiKi that Daddy is a girl’s first love and if there is no Daddy there is bound to be issues.  My parents divorced when I was 2, still too young to know what was really going on.  I applaud my parents because even though they were not together I never heard them say a negative word towards or about each other and I never wanted for either of their attention or affection.  It wasn’t until I was grown that I realized my mom really isn’t too fond of my daddy.  Parents today will argue, fight and degrade each other in front of the children or even use the child as a pawn in their manipulation.   Will the real adults PLEASE STAND UP! Listen to the Archives to hear how Shaun, Sporty and KiKi feel about this issue.

It is not just the women even though they were the chosen topic this week, but young people in general have this “I can do what I want” mentality.  The real issue may be, according to KiKi, lack of push back from the older generation and I agree that these displayed behaviors of today are learned behaviors.  We, the older generation, may be remiss in our duties of reaching back and pulling up the next generation in the same teachings we were taught.  Sporty’s turmoil with reaching back is that the young people are not very receptive to being taught.  Young people are never very receptive to what the older generation has to say.  The saying, “the youth is wasted on the young“, is very true.  Who hasn’t said “If I knew then what I know now….”   As KiKi said you cannot be discouraged by one or two, because it’s the one or two that you DO reach that will make the difference.  Listen to the Archives to hear “Coach KiKi” let it rip on this segment.

After some difficulties, technical or otherwise, The Producer was able to deliver the Drink of the Week.  Every week she never ceases to amaze me and deserves nicknames, like “Diabolical Genius”, that KiKi comes up with every week.  About Face has some intricate pouring methods, but is definitely worth the work.  As with any of the DOW’s, drink responsibly and Listen to the Archives to tell me if you have ever heard of all the liqueurs in the ingredients.

Perpetuating the situation of something that you despise is a cycle that has to be broken.  KiKi makes it clear that you can’t preach about being disgusted by young girls and promiscuity while your daughter has the skimpiest outfit on walking to the store with YOU!   Sporty believes some mothers may know better but do not do better, because they want to be friends with their children.  I agree, if you are going to be a good parent you will not be friends with you children during the rearing years.  Listen to the Archives and Sporty’s poem her mom’s discipline!

KiKi took a detour for a moment to speak about the label “Gold-digger” and the hypocrisy of it having a negative connotation and both KiKi and Shaun were both passionate about this subject.  Shaun went back to the 50’s and 60’s by saying the only reason women sought higher education was to find a husband.  Then KiKi fired back with; if society’s view of men being the bread winners and the King of the Castle, how it is a problem when women expect and seek that out.  Shaun pointed out women playing games earn them the negative labels, but KiKi held up the flip side showing how men lead with their wallets. This segment was so intense that you must LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear how the chat room comments exploded on the Gold-digger topic.  As always, the blog is just a taste of the passion that this topic created so, go download the archives to get the full effect that is PDA!

Finally, this week’s “Ask PDA” letter was meant for this show.  KiKi said as soon as she posted the link this letter came through.  As always the letter is brought to you by, About Face, the Drink of the Week.  This week’s author has a dilemma on her hands.  The husband and wife are at odds raising a manipulative teen.  Sporty was moved to poetry and Shaun gave “Coach KiKi” a shameless plug.  Coach KiKi says they need to become a cohesive unit and get there quickly or their teen will be running the show.  I totally agree with the entire crew.  This lady is going to have to have some strong conversations with her husband and lay it down or the spoiled daddy’s little girl will leave the BAR of ballet class to the BAR of the strip club.  LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES to hear how daddy’s little girl, Ms. KiKi played her parents all over a birthday party.

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