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THEN & NOW: What Happened To Men         

Originally aired        

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Last week on Playing Devil’s Advocate hosted by Ms. KiKi and the crew caught us up on issues that faced Americans with, Fact v. Fiction: The Government Shutdown!  If you missed it I hope you are current on the Government happenings, because if not you are the most dangerous citizen around.  This week Ms. KiKi and the crew hosted a rebuttal show to What Happened to Women? with Then & Now: What Happened to Men and this one was just as informative and entertaining as the women’s show! Before we get into it I have to shout out Ms. KiKi for the new merchandise on the website, NICE!

Explosive is the only way to describe this week’s show. The producer is always getting on KiKi for being hard on women.  Well she evened the playing field by letting the men have it!  Shaun put up a good fight for Men, but KiKi laid it down flaw by flaw.  Now this wasn’t a bashing session, however the crew Edutained™ us in true PDA fashion.  For example, the first questioned asked was “Where do you think the shift happened?”  The crew gave some excellent answers and you have to listen to the archives to get the specifics.  I agree with everyone on the panel and all of their answers played a part.  The biggest part for me goes back to when men began leaving the family unit and the pool of positive male role models became more shallow.  There is a saying that goes, “there is nothing new under the sun” and I believe that to be true it is just how we handle it.

Sporty’s pointed out that men have gotten lazy and Shaun says modern work habits have added to the laziness.  The laziness has gotten so bad that Men don’t even want to pick a lady up anymore for a date!  Throughout the show KiKi always went back to society and the overall role it plays.  I have to agree with our host on the fact that society as a whole plays a major role in the degradation of men.  Over the decades as the world changes, society has become a more ME society.  KiKi made an excellent statement when she said that MEN just don’t have to work for “IT” anymore.  “IT” being almost anything you can think of.  In this Internet generation almost anything can be obtained with the click of a mouse and men have carried that mentality over in the real world and something has gone really wrong.  Listen to the archives to listen as KiKi get some things off her chest.

When KiKi ran down her list of bad characteristics that today’s man displays I laughed, but mostly I shook my head.  It is really sad how a man’s value of a woman changed but also the value of self has changed for them as well.  I was reminded of something that used to amaze me about men.  A man could have met each other only seconds before, and would have that man’s back like they were lifelong friends on some MAN CODE type crap.  Today men don’t even greet each other respectfully anymore. Listen to the archives hear what Shaun is passing along to his son.

The producer never ceases to amaze me with her creations, and this one hit the theme for the night dead on.  This week’s Drink of the Week, is called a GuyTini.  I Love It!  At least it is made with man liquor, Bourbon!  What Happened to Men? Back in the day a man wouldn’t be caught dead drinking anything with TINI in the name. Listen to the Archives, mix a few drinks and tell us what you think by commenting below.  Don’t forget the producer is taking drink suggestions.

This show’s topic brought out some truly interesting callers.  Last week I mentioned that PDA has some extremely intelligent friends; the same can be said for its listeners.  All of the callers this week had some great points from the male point of view.  It was good to hear Shaun have some back up.  My favorite angry repeat offender Andreas is always a treat to hear from.  Rocky Miller also graced us with his crazy ass wisdom.  All of these male callers led KiKi into another tirade on the Mitch like activity of Men.  I love KiKi’s term of “Tender” when describing some Men of today.  Listen to the archives and learn about the physical bond that men have with the universe, but are not utilizing, as Shaun sees it.

Ultimately Men have really changed over the years.  We all know that change is the only thing that is constant in this world, but all change is not good.  What happened to the work ethic, the art of the English language, the WANT to court and impress a woman?  My favorite question of the show was “what happened to men being more responsible with their sperm?”  These questions and more are all discussed on the show.  Andreas made a statement about women letting men off the tit to late in life, and I agree that women of late raise their daughters and spoil their sons and this may be as large a factor as the fathers leaving the home.  As always the blog is just a morsel of the full plate of Playing Devil’s Advocate™ every week.  Listen to the archives to get a full dose of PDA Edutainment™!

This week’s PDA letter was brought to you by the DOW “GuyTini.  The letter was signed “Reasonable Request” but her issue is anything but that.  In my opinion she is being a little clingy and needs to get her own life.  I am a firm believer in the fact that couples should have a life and interests outside the relationship.  The panel had plenty advice for “Reasonable Request” and it can only be heard if you LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES and you can’t miss KiKi’s list of characteristics that men SHOULD have!

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