The Resident Experts

Ikiesha Al-Shabazz (Whittaker), Esq.

Resident Legal Expert


Criminal Defense Attorney and Activist

~~Former Assistant District Attorney (Special Narcotics)~~

~~Tried over 500 narcotics cases~~

~~Professor of Law at NY Law School~~

~~Started her own law practice 2006 in Harlem~~

~~Author of children’s stories~~

~~Mother of two sons~~

Dr. Naeemah Ghafur (Dr. G)

Resident Medical Expert


Medical Doctor and Health Advocate

~~B.S. in Biology, State University of NY @ Binghamton ~~

~~Post Baccalaureate, Research Assistant at the Center for Reproductive Technology, UC Irvine~~

~~M.D., USC Keck School of Medicine~~

~~Medical Residency, King/Drew Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA~~

~~Serving at risk GLBT youths at Saban Free Clinic, and Cedars Sinai Medical Center,  Los Angeles, CA~~

~~Wife and Mother of two ~~

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