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Smoked Tequila Ice

Smoked Tequila Ice

This week’s show, What the F**K Is Going On the crew will talk about some of the things that have all made us take a moment to utter the words, “WTF”!?. Before the show gather your ingredients together and tools for the Producer’s  Drink of the Week, check out “Smoked Tequila Ice for yourself & enjoy.
Before showtime:
Uncensored, Unscripted, UNAPOLOGETIC!!!

Smoked Tequila Ice

1.5 cups of ice cubes

3 ounces of silver tequila

1/4 cup of jalapeño-infused simple syrup

Juice of 1 lime

Hickory smoke

A handheld smoker and a blender are also required.


Add ice, tequila, simple syrup, and lime to a blender. Pulse to create a slushy texture. Add hickory wood chips to a handheld smoker. Light the smoker with a match or lighter and place the tube from the smoker into the blender, allowing the blender vessel to fill with smoke. Place the lid back on the body of the blender, and pulse a few times to infuse. Pour into glasses garnished with jalapeño slices.

Recipe and Photo by Carlene Thomas